ST. VINCENT-DISASTER- NEMO hosts volcano eruption drills as part of Tradewinds.


The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) says there's no 'unusual' activity at the La Soufriere Volcano as the second phase of the regional security exercise, Tradewinds, began on Friday.

'There is currently no unusual activity at the La Soufriere Volcano. We look forward to the support of the public as we work towards increasing our resilience to volcanic hazards,' NEMO said in a statement, adding that several aspects of St. Vincent and the Grenadines' readiness to respond to natural disasters will be strenuously tested during the military exercise in which 19 countries are participating.

NEMO said that one of the objectives of Tradewinds is to test the national emergency response mechanisms, and it is conducting a simulation, which involves scenarios related to an eruption of the La Soufriere Volcano.

'As such the National Volcano Emergency Plan has been activated and this involves issuing information and news releases to the public via NEMO's Facebook page, website, emails, radio stations, the mobile application CAP.CAP and other communication modes,' NEMO said, noting that its personnel will be visiting communities close to the volcano to disseminate alerts.

'The mock drill will last several days and is intended to test the preparation and response of all agencies and communities located...

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