ST. LUCIA-POLITICS-Opposition Leader outlines plans for marijuana use in St. Lucia.


The leader of the main opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Phillip J. Pierre says if the party wins the next general election, it will move to towards the decriminalisation of marijuana.

Pierre, speaking at a town hall meeting attended by St. Lucians residing here over the last weekend, said also that members of the local Rastafarians movement would benefit from the establishment of any cannabis industry on the island.

'We believe that these people have to benefit if marijuana ever becomes a crop where we can make money. You may recall that the people who they put the most pressure on most for cannabis was the Rastafarians,' he told the meeting.

'They assumed that once you had locks you smoked marijuana even though the Rastas said the marijuana was for their religious purposes. They used to burn their farms and do all kinds of things,' Pierre said.

Several Caribbean governments have in recent times moved towards the decriminalisation of marijuana for medicinal and other purposes and Pierre said that if the SLP wins the next general election it would move to pardon persons convicted for small portions of marijuana.

'We said as soon as we get into government we are going to ensure that there is a pardon for anybody who was convicted or imprisoned and they...

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