Squinting at computer could cause dry eye.

Position:Optometry - Brief article

Squinting at a computer screen can cut in half the number of times someone blinks each minute--and that could lead to a condition called dry eye, suggests research from Ohio State University, Columbus. Just a slight amount of squinting reduces blink rates by half, from 15 a minute to 7.5.

"People tend to squint when they read a book or a computer display, and that squinting makes the blink rate go way down," points out James Sheedy, professor of optometry. "Blinking rewets the eyes. So, if your job requires a lot of reading or other visually intense work, you may be blinking far less than normal, which may cause eye strain and dry eye."

Squinting serves two purposes: It improves eyesight by helping to define objects more clearly and cuts down on...

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