SPYR, INC. has signed a publishing and development deal with Reset Studios for the development of at least two new idle tapper games to be published by SPYR, the first of which will feature characters and storylines from a well- known animated television series.

Pursuant to the publishing agreement with Reset Studios, SPYR is currently in negotiations for licenses with multiple televisions series' IP holders that would allow gamers to play as their favorite characters from major television series and battle increasingly difficult enemies to unlock new characters and rewards.

The idle tapper genre is a relatively new game genre in which players repeatedly perform simple actions, such as tapping their screens, to gain currency and progress in the game. The game continues even in the player's absence, resulting in the accumulation of rewards every time the player reopens the game. This feature makes idle tapper games among the most engaging genres, as players enjoy returning to the game to see their exponential progress. Players also have the option to make purchases in-game to speed up their progression.

Reset Studios develops games for all platforms, with a focus on the free-to-play market. Before becoming an independent company, the Reset team was responsible for the development and much of the success of Heroes of Newerth, a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that launched in 2010 and attracted over 30 million users.

"Idle tapper games are becoming increasingly popular because they're so simple and easy for anyone to pick up and play," said Brad Bower, CEO of Reset Studios. "We're thrilled to work...

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