Spring 2010. Table of Contents #181, Spring 2010, Volume 36, No. 1.

Vermont Bar Journal


Spring 2010.

Table of Contents #181, Spring 2010, Volume 36, No. 1

The Vermont Bar Journal #181, Volume 36, No. 1 Spring 2010

Table of Contents

Spring 2010 - #1

ABA Delegate's Report

by Richard T. Cassidy, Esq.

Spring 2010 - #2

Response to the Bailey Decisiony

by Charles S. Martin, Esq.

Spring 2010 - #3

Vermont Bar Association Crowns Kingdom Attorney Douglas Willey with Pro Bono Award

by Mary C. Ashcroft, Esq.

Spring 2010 - #4

How Foreclosure Mediation Legislation Can Keep Vermonters in Their Homes (and Money in the Pockets of Mortgage Holders)

by Grace B. Pazdan, Esq.

Spring 2010 - #5

Vermont Guardians ad Litem in the 21st Century

by Hon. Katherine A. Hayes

Spring 2010 - #6

Disrespecting Miranda: Vermont's Choice in State v. Fleurie

by Briana Collier

Spring 2010 - #7

Reforming Vermont Small Claims Court

by Charlotte Cleveland

Spring 2010 - #8

Understanding Tenants at Foreclosure: How the Federal "Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act" Changes Vermont Foreclosure Practice

by Caroline...

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