Spring 2008. Table of Contents #173, Spring, 2008, Volume 34, No. 1.


Vermont Bar Journal


Spring 2008.

Table of Contents #173, Spring, 2008, Volume 34, No. 1

The Vermont Bar Journal #173, Volume 34, No. 1 SPRING 2008

Table of Contents

Spring 2008 - #1

We Need Your Help

by S. Stacy Chapman, III, Esq.

Spring 2008 - #2

A Legal Fence

-Judge Hoyt Wheeler, Keenan v. Cavanaugh (1872)

Spring 2008 - #3

Wynn Underwood: Law School and a Legal Career Furthered by the Veterans Administration

by Virginia C. Downs

Spring 2008 - #4

Addressing Stress Increasing Satisfaction in Law Practice

Reviewed by Phyllis E. Rubinstein, Esq.

Spring 2008 - #5

Our Man In Slovenia

by Harland L. Miller, III, Esq.

Spring 2008 - #6

VBA Women's Division Turns 30 Years Old: Women and the Law Today

by Elana Baron, Esq.

Spring 2008 - #7

Can I See Your Paycheck? Achieving Pay Equity in Vermont Employer or Employee Responsibility

by Sandra W. Everitt, Esq.

Spring 2008 - #8

Breastfeeding Laws in Vermont: A Primer

by Charity R. Clark, Esq., and Elizabeth R. Wohl, Esq.

Spring 2008 - #9

Revisiting Roe: The Language of Privacy and Isolation in U.S. and Vermont Case Law

by Emily Blistein, Esq.

Spring 2008 - #10

After the Violence: Using Fair Housing Laws to Keep Women and Children Safe at Home

by Meris L....

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