Spring 2002, pg. 71. MSBA member benefits will soon include an online law library.


Maine Bar Journal


Spring 2002, pg. 71.

MSBA member benefits will soon include an online law library

Maine Bar JournalSpring 2002MSBA member benefits will soon include an online law libraryJOHN F. LOGANI was hoping for a nice warm weekend to finish cleaning up winter's residue. Actually, I was hoping for another excuse to avoid writing a President's page. However, Mother Nature has not cooperated (it being cold, windy, and generally miserable), and, on top of that, Bar Headquarters keeps reminding me (and not with great subtlety) that there are print deadlines, you know.

My longtime partner, who has suffered my Bar activities patiently, keeps needling me about when dues are due with "So what has the Bar Association done for me lately?" Well, the degree of benefit is many times in the eyes of the beholder. Certainly, the more you participate in Bar activities, the more benefit you receive. The Association has the usual assortment of discounted products and services, which are listed in the Bar Journal and on the MSBA Web site, and the executive director and the board of governors continuously look for new and better programs and services to offer. If you are looking for involvement, there are law practice area sections and special-project and standing committees. The sections provide an opportunity to meet with colleagues to discuss and debate issues of common interests and to seek changes in the law through legislative action. The sections and the board of governors are also active in the legislative process and look not only to improve statutory law but to point out the unintended consequences that may result from ill conceived legislation. None of this would be accomplished without the active and interested participation of our members.

So, while participation is all fine and dandy, you might still be asking: "What have you done for me lately?" Funny you should ask. The Association is about to embark on one of the most significant reasons for being a member. Part of the Association's mission statement is to advance the knowledge and skills of its members. While our comprehensive CLE programs go a long way to accomplish that mission, it is also important that our members have the tools with which to represent their clients - competently, effectively, and at a cost that benefits both the client and the lawyer. To...

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