Spreading wealth and knowledge in in the Latino community.

Author:Arredondo, Cesar

There is a shortage of Hispanics in the U.S. millionaires' club and businessman Carlos Muniz says there is a plan to solve it.

"We want to help create 100 new Latino millionaires in the next 10 years," says enthusiastically Muniz, vice president of the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a tone of urgency also in his voice. He made the statement recently at a very appropriate gathering in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

About 20 business owners, bankers and other financial experts from around Southern California were invited by Jorge Ferraez of Latino Leaders Magazine to precisely explore the formulas to successfully grow wealth and spread that knowledge in the Latino community.

While Latinos represent 17 percent of the nation's population, they barely comprise 7 percent of U.S millionaires. "We have got to increase our numbers among America's upper class," stated Ferraez, who has been busy traveling throughout the country bringing together Latino leaders who might hold the key to such goal. His publication is ready to feature the stories of new millionaires in the making, he added.

Those stories could well come from some of the business people that were present at the Latino Leaders' meeting in a exclusive room of the Los Angeles Times building.

Among them were Leo and Teresa Razo, owners of Villa Roma Restaurant. Located in the city of Laguna Hills, the popular eatery specializes in Argentine and Italian cuisine and is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Now the Razos have plans to open a new location soon.

Who knows? The Latino millionaires of tomorrow might not even know at this moment they will eventually start their own business.

Either way, experts agreed that Latinos need to...

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