SportsYA! links Latin American sports fans.

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As Latin America's first real-time sports site, SportsYA! offers Internet users the ability to experience the thrill of live sporting events anywhere in the world. The company's fast-growing Internet site ( provides exclusive content with webcasters, teams, franchises and players, combined with leading-edge audio, video and chat technologies. In addition to serving Spanish-speaking users, SportsYA! will be providing its sports content in Portuguese later this spring.

"At SportsYA! everyone is a sports fan," says Emilio Romano, president and chief executive officer of the Miami-based company. "We've been able to build on enthusiasm for sports and our knowledge of the media world to create an exciting interactive site that features a unique combination of Latin American talent."

SportsYA! features a notable roster of webcasters, including Jorge Valdano, the "philosopher of soccer," Cesar Luis Menotti, the Argentine soccer guru, and NFL analyst Joe Theismann. "Bringing the talents and insights of these experts to our site is an important part of building a truly pan-regional Internet sporting community."

In addition to soccer, SportsYA! covers every sport that's relevant to Latin American, Spanish and U.S. Hispanic sports fans, including American football, baseball, car racing, basketball, bicycling and alternative sports.

The site contains comprehensive real-time coverage, news and scores on all sports from editors and reporters worldwide covering local and regional sporting events. SportsYA! users are also able to play games and shop, e-commerce style, for their favorite sports paraphernalia.

"Sports has a dynamic appeal throughout Latin America," says Romano. "Our site attracts business owners, corporate executives and professionals, as well as men and women of all ages who enjoy being connected with the sporting world."

With its fast-rising audience, SportsYA! also provides an opportunity for advertisers to reach an active, involved audience throughout Latin America. "Sports is a powerful tool for sending a message, and our site provides an excellent way for...

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