Spirits white as lightning.

Author:Scanlon, Donna
Position:Brief Article

(Bedlam's Bard). Baen. 502p. c2002. 0-7434-3608-3. $7.99. SA

This installment in the Bedlam's Bard series brings back Bard Eric Banyon, now a Juilliard student, and many of his friends from the previous novels. The novel also introduces a new character, Hosea Song-maker, a banjo-picking Bard-to-be from Appalachia who becomes Eric's apprentice. The lengthy tale contains several intertwined plots more convoluted than Celtic knotwork. It is impossible to outline them succinctly, save to say that Lord Aerune still wants to avenge his only love's death by destroying humanity, and the rest of the plots manage to tie into this one, however indirectly.

The narrative is readable and the writing fairly competent, although the characterizations...

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