High-speed, high-velocity adiabatic impact presses for industry.

Position:FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show 2007

The LMC Impact Press System will dramatically increase quality consistency, increase productivity and cycle times, allow for the reduction of floor space, and allow for reduced maintenance. The presses are designed to maximize energy levels, production rates and flexibility. The mechanical system meets all the conditions for adiabatic softening in most metals to include low and high carbon steels, stainless, bronze, brass, copper, titanium aluminum, and more. Regardless of the metal, the process works the same. This technology will eliminate the drawbacks of the conventional methods in the production of metal blanks.

LMC is introducing their new high volume model in its line of High Velocity Adiabatic Impact Presses. Built to meet the demands of the bearing industry, the SIP Press Series, D Models not only exceed industry standards in ppm production rates, but the patented Hitch Feed System and Oscillating Rotary Arbor Straightener set new standards for length, squareness, end quality, and straightness in regards to TIR tolerances. As with all of the LMC cutoff presses, companies operating the SIP Press Series, D Models find the increased production provides them with a competitive advantage to off-shore bearing manufacturers. This environmentally friendly press system significantly reduces process-manufacturing costs.

The SIP15D will cut diameters from 0.040" to 0.125" at cycle rates up to 1,000ppm while maintaining length tolerances at [+ or -] 0.001 ". The SIP25D will cut to 0.250" at rates up to 500ppm at tolerances of [+ or -] 0.0015", the SIP50D will cut to 0.500" at rates up to 400ppm at [+ or -] 0.002", and the SIP100D will cut to 1" at rates up to 225ppm at [+ or -] 0.0025". Diameters up to 4" can be cut on LMC's other larger press systems. The design of the SIP press series exceeds the demands for reduced material waste, lower energy consumption...

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