Specialized services.

Position:Statistical table

U/K = Unknown INMATE HEALTH CARE and COMMUNICABLE DISEASES TABLE 4: SPECIALIZED SERVICES ELDERLY SYSTEM Percentage 55 or Older Special Provisions ALABAMA 13 A 300-bed aged and infirmed unit ALASKA No response ARIZONA 5.5 None, unless physically or medically needed ARKANSAS 8.5 As needed, based on age and medical needs CALIFORNIA No response COLORADO 6 Not specified CONNECTICUT 4 None DELAWARE No response FLORIDA No response GEORGIA U/K Accommodative housing; skilled nursing; ADA facilities; training for the blind; daily living assistance HAWAII 7 Accommodative housing; assistance aides IDAHO 10.4 Long-term care and sheltered housing units ILLINOIS No response INDIANA 6 None, unless dedicated housing is needed IOWA U/K Annual exams; flu vaccine; glaucoma screening; blood testing KANSAS 14.2 Aid-to-Dependent Living (ADL) units; geriatric services KENTUCKY 12 A 55-bed skilled nursing care facility LOUISIANA 6.4 Geriatric dorm and annual medical examinations MAINE No response MARYLAND No response MASSACHUSETTS 9 ADL services; one 16-bed and one 13-bed special unit MICHIGAN 14 A 112-bed unit for acute, long-term, nursing home-level care MINNESOTA 11 A 100-bed unit for males when 24-hour nursing care or monitoring is needed MISSISSIPPI 5.61 Special needs/disability housing units MISSOURI 14.4 None (1) MONTANA 9 None NEBRASKA 10-15 Two long-term and one acute care hospitals; annual physicals NEVADA U/K Assignment to medical intermediary unit (nursing home) when necessary NEW HAMPSHIRE 15.2 Long-term infirmary if needed; lower bunks; light work duty; adaptive equipment NEW JERSEY 3.9 Infirmaries and extended care units as appropriate NEW MEXICO No response NEW YORK No response NORTH CAROLINA No response NORTH DAKOTA U/K Individualized care plans OHIO No response OKLAHOMA 7.01 A 262-bed handicap unit and 42 beds for other conditions OREGON 24.91 (2) Handicap accessibility, infirmaries; accreditation in certain institutions PENNSYLVANIA 9 Personal and long-term, skilled care RHODE ISLAND 6 Bottom bunks; adaptive equipment; long-term hospitalization if necessary SOUTH CAROLINA 5.3 Assisted living, handicap units SOUTH DAKOTA 4 In-prison infirmary or outside services if necessary; a comfort care room TENNESSEE 5 Infirmaries; skilled nursing as needed TEXAS 7 Sheltered housing; geriatric center; single-level prisons UTAH 12.7 Free annual physical; referrals to specialists are made if needed (4) VERMONT No response VIRGINIA 6.1 Assisted living; skilled...

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