The board of directors includes NEHA's nationally elected officers and regional vice-presidents. Affiliate presidents (or appointed representatives) comprise the Affiliate Presidents Council. Technical advisors, the executive director, and all past presidents of the association are ex-officio council members. This list is current as of press time.

Tom Vyles, REHS/RS, CP-FS Region 5 Vice-President

Lynne Madison, RS Region 6 Vice-President

National Officers

President--Vince Radke, MPH, RS, CP-FS, DLAAS, CPH, Environmental Health Specialist, Atlanta, GA. President@neha.org

President-Elect--Priscilla Oliver, PhD, Life Scientist, Atlanta, GA. PresidentElect@neha.org

First Vice-President--Sandra Long, REHS, RS, Environmental Health Manager, Town of Addison, TX. slong@addisontx.gov

Second Vice-President--Roy Kroeger, REHS, Environmental Health Supervisor, Cheyenne/Laramie County Health Department, Cheyenne, WY. roykehs@laramiecounty.com

Immediate Past-President--Adam London, MPA, RS, Health Officer, Kent County Health Department, Grand Rapids, MI. adamelondon@gmail.com

NEHA Executive Director--David Dyjack, DrPH, CIH, (nonvoting ex-officio member of the board of directors), Denver, CO. ddyjack@neha.org

Regional Vice-Presidents

Region 1--Matthew Reighter, MPH, REHS, CP-FS, Retail Quality Assurance Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle, WA. mreighte@starbucks.com Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Term expires 2020.

Region 2--Jacqueline Reszetar, MS, REHS, Henderson, NV Region2RVP@neha.org Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada. Term expires 2021.

Region 3: Rachelle Blackham, MPH, LEHS, Environmental Health Deputy Director, Davis County Health Department, Clearfield, UT.

Region3RVP@neha.org Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and members residing outside of the U.S. (except members of the U.S. armed forces). Term expires 2021

Region 4--Kim Carlton, MPH, REHS/RS, Environmental Health Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Health, St. Paul, MN. Region4RVP@neha.org

Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Term expires 2019.

Region 5--Tom Vyles, REHS/RS, CP-FS, Environmental Health Manager, Town of Flower Mound, TX. Region5RVP@neha.org

Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Term expires 2020.

Region 6--Lynne Madison, RS,

Environmental Health Division Director, Western UP Health Department, Hancock, MI.


Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. Term expires 2019.

Region 7--Tim Hatch, MPA, REHS, Deputy Director and Director of Logistics and Environmental Programs, Alabama Department of Public Health, Center for Emergency Preparedness, Montgomery, AL.

Region7RVP@neha.org Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Term expires 2020.

Region 8--LCDR James Speckhart, MS, USPHS, Health and Safety Officer, FDA, CDRH-Health and Safety Office, Silver Spring, MD.


Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC, West Virginia, and members of the U.S. armed forces residing outside of the U.S. Term expires 2021.

Region 9--Larry Ramdin, REHS, CP-FS, HHS, Director of Public Health, Watertown Health Department, Watertown, MA.


Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New...

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