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Author:Briggs, Edward L.
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National Officers

President--Welford C. Roberts, REHS/ RS, DAAS, PhD., Environmental Health Scientist, 25778 Aythorne Lane, South Riding, VA 20152-1902. Phone: (703) 327-9361; Fax: (703) 327-0291; e-mail: welford@erols.com

President Elect--Keith L. Krinn, RS, MA, DAAS, CPHA, Environmental Health Administrator, Columbus Public Health, 240 Parsons Ave., Columbus, OH 43215-5331. Phone: (614) 645-6181; Fax: (614) 645-7155; e-mail: klkrinn@columbus.gov

First Vice President--Mel Knight, REHS, 109 Gold Rock Court. Folsom, CA 95630. Phone: (916) 989-4224; Cell: (916) 591-2611; e-mail: melknight@sbcglobal.net

Second Vice President--Brian Collins, MS, REHS, DAAS, Director of Environmental Health, City of Plano Health Department, 1520 Avenue K, Ste. 210, Plano, TX 75074-6232. Phone: (972) 941-7334; Fax: (972) 941-7142; e-mail: brianc@plano.gov

Immediate Past President--Richard A. Pantages, 35522 Woodbridge Place, Fremont, CA 94536-3378. Phone: (510) 7137767; e-mail: DickPantages@comcast.net

NEHA Executive Director--Nelson E. Fabian (non-voting ex-officio member of the board of directors), 720 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 1000-N, Denver, CO 80246-1926. Phone: (303) 756-9090, ext 301; e-mail: nfabian@neha.org

Regional Vice Presidents

Region 1--David E. Riggs, REHS/RS, MS,

Public Health Administrator, Columbia County Health Dept., 1010 South 3rd Street, Dayton, WA 99328. Phone: (509) 382-2181; e-mail: david_riggs@co.columbia.wa.us. Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Term expires 2011.

Region 2--Alicia Enriquez, REHS, Deputy Chief, Environmental Health Division, County of Sacramento, Environmental Management Department, 10590 Armstrong Ave., Suite B, Mather, CA 95655-4153. Phone: (916) 875-8440; Fax (916) 875-8513; e-mail: EnriquezA@ saccounty.net. Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada. Term expires 2012.

Region 3--Roy Kroeger, REHS, Environmental Health Supervisor, Cheyenne/Laramie County Health Dept., 100 Central Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82008. Phone: (307) 633-4090; Fax: (302) 633-4038; e-mail; Roykehs@laramiecounty. com. Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. Term expires 2012.

Region 4--Bette J. Packer, REHS, 17879 Bluebird St. NW, Andover, MN 55304-1425. Phone: (763) 434-6960; e-mail: bettepacker@comcast.net. Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Term expires 2010.

Region 5--Sandra Long, Inspection Services Supervisor, City of Plano Health Department, 1520 K Avenue, Suite #210, Plano, Texas 75074. Phone: (972) 941-7143 ext. 5282; Fax: (972) 941-7142; Cell: (214) 500-8884; e-mail: sandral@plano.gov. Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Term expires 2011.

Region 6--James D. Dingman, MS, REHS, DLAAS, Regulatory Services Department, Underwriter Laboratories, Inc., 333 Pfingsten Road, Northbrook, IL 60062. Phone: (647) 664-1579; Fax: (847) 407-1579; email: james.d.dingman@us.ul.com

Region 7--Thomas R. Ward, RS, Public Health Preparedness Coordinator, Union County Health Dept., 1224 W. Roosevelt Blvd., Monroe, NC 28110. Phone: (704) 296-4820 or (704) 283-1794; e-mail: tward@co.union.nc.us. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Term expires 2011.

Region 8--Bob Custard, Environmental Health Manager, Alexandria Health Dept. 4480 King St., Alexandria, VA 22302. Phone: (703) 838-4400, ext. 254; Fax: (703) 838-3886; e-mail: Bob.Custard@vdh.virginia.gov. Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. Term expires 2012.

Region 9--Edward L. Briggs, MPH, MS, REHS, Director of Health, Town of Ridgefield Department of Health, 66 Prospect Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877. Phone: (203) 431-2745; Fax (203) 431-1804; e-mail: eb.health@ridgefieldct.org. Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Term expires 2010.

Region 10--CAPT John A. Steward, REHS, MPH, Institute of Public Health, Georgia State University, P.O. Box 3995, Atlanta, GA 30302-3995. Phone: (404) 651-1690; e-mail: jsteward@gsu.edu. Far East Affiliate, Foreign Members, Industry Affiliate, Jamaica, National Conference of Local Environmental Health Administrators, and Uniformed Services. Term expires 2011.

Affiliate Presidents

Alabama--Lonnie F. Pressley, CP-FS, Environmental Health Specialist, Community Assessment Division, Air & Radiation Protection Division, Jefferson County Department of Health, 1400 Sixth Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233. Phone: (205) 930-1248; Fax: (205) 939-3019, e-mail: lonnie.pressley@jcdh.org

Alaska--Keith Cook, REHS, CIH, MPH, Institutional Environmental Health Manager, Division of Environmental Health and Engineering, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, 1901 Bragaw Street, Suite 200, Anchorage, AK 99508. Phone: (907)729-3524; e-mail: kcook@anthc.org

Arizona--Tom Dominick, RS, Manager, Food Safety and Sanitation, Bashas', Inc., P.O. Box 488, Chandler, AZ 85244-0488. Phone: (480) 496-1706; e-mail: tdominick@bashas.com

Arkansas--Lynn Lively, Phone: (501) 6240466; e-mail:lynn.lively@arkansas.gov

California--Tracey Ford, REHS, Riverside County DES, Food and Pool Construction Program,47-950 Arabia St., Suite A, Indio, CA 92201. Phone: (760) 863-82 87; e-mail: tford@co.riverside.ca.us


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