Spatial relationships among asthma prevalence, health care utilization, and pollution sources in neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York.

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Develop a better understanding of respiratory illnesses and the environmental factors, such as air pollutants, that adversely affect human health.

Air Pollution and Health

Edited by Stephen T. Holgate, Jonathan M. Samet, Hillel S. Koren, and Robert L. Maynard (1999)

This book is the first fully comprehensive and current account of air pollution science and the impact of air pollution on human health. It covers topics from meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, and particle physics to the etiology and epidemiology of allergic reactions and respiratory, cardiovascular, and related disorders. Air Pollution and Health also has substantial international coverage and sections on cost implications, risk assessment, regulation, standards, and information networks. The multidisciplinary approach and the breadth of the discussion provide readers with up-to-date information on all issues related to ambient air pollution. For all concerned with monitoring and regulating air pollution, as well as those concerned with human health impacts, this book is essential. 1,065 pages, hardcover. Member: $126.50. Nonmember: $147.50. Catalog...

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