(Space) ship of fuels.

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Percent rise in overall global food prices, 2005-08 83 Percent decline in global cereal stocks, 2006-07 to 5 2007-08 Years since global stocks have been as low as they 25 were in 2007-08 Consecutive years of severe drought in Australia, as 6 of 2007 Global rank of Australia as cereal exporter, 2004 3rd Percent rise in global demand for meat, 1997-2007 29 Average kilograms of grain required to produce a 5 kilogram of meat Percent rise in world average spot price of oil, May 154 2005 to April 2008 Estimated percent of average global grain price 30 increase due to biofuels demand Food share of household spending in the United 10 States, percent In poor households in Nigeria 52 In poor households in Pakistan 55 Estimated annual global spending on pet food $42 billion Estimated annual value of wasted food, U.S. $43 billion households SOURCES: Food prices: World Bank...

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