Southern hospitality: Latino Leaders of Atlanta discuss ways place more Hispanics in key posts.


It was a beautiful warm southern night as Latino Leaders magazine, with the support of Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, headed to Pampas Steakhouse in Atlanta, GA to meet with the influential leaders that have been paving the way for the Latino community. We were very fortunate to have former Senator Sam Zamarripa with us to share the great backstory on what Latinos have built.

The evening began, and the room was quickly filled with plenty of friendly handshakes and warm embraces all the traces of southern hospitality were present as they took their seats and the conversation began. The leaders seem to have the same vision for building of leadership in Atlanta, "we need to unify and really support our community." Comparisons were made between the solidarity that exists in other groups and the success those groups have had in promoting their agendas and moving people into positions of power, as one leader said "we don't have a 'codigo Latino' and we need one in order to organize."

As the night progressed, and their stories were told, we saw a beautiful blended mix of Latino backgrounds, Central America, Mexico, Puerto Rico and others. From politics to school boards, to the private sector, no topic was left unturned, but the one tying thread throughout the night was the importance of mentoring and giving back to the community in order to create effective change, "we need to get involved, become part of a board, and get more Latinos in those seats." The Latino Leaders of Atlanta have been hard at work laying the foundation for the next generation of young leaders, we look forward to revisiting this great thriving group.

Hosted by Delta Air lines and Coca-Cola, many luminaries showed up at the event, including Humberto Garcia-Sjogrim, Vice-President of Hispanic Strategies for Coca-Cola, Letty Ashworth, Director, of Global Diversity for Delta Air Lines and Georgia State Senator, Sam Zamarripa.


Humberto Garcia-Sjogrim Vice-President of Hispanic Strategies for Coca-Cola.

A polyglot who speaks English, Spanish, French and Swedish, Humberto Garcia Sjogrim is the Vice President of Hispanic Strategies for Coca-Cola.

Garcia has worked in many countries, showing his passion for diving headfirst into strategic, new opportunities, leading cultural and philosophical change and fostering transformational leadership. His leadership skills has helped create a winning environment in four countries...

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