Soto, Gary. Mercy on these teenage chimps.

Author:Welty, Ellen
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

SOTO, Gary. Mercy on these teenage chimps. Harcourt. 147p. c2007. 978-0-15-206215-6. $6.95. J

Thirteen-year-old Ronnie and his best friend Joey have suddenly become chimpanzees--a condition common to the young adolescent male. Their ears stick out, their noses have flattened and their arms are way too long for their legs. Not only that, they climb better than they walk. While serving refreshments at a school awards ceremony Joey is smitten with a girl who has won an award for gymnastics, inspiring him to climb to the rafters of the gymnasium to retrieve her balloon when it escapes. His heroics win a public dressing-down from the coach and in his embarrassment he decides to spend the rest of his life in a tree in his yard. It is up to Ronnie to save his friend. Gary Soto's voice is as true describing the plights and antics of teenage boys as it is describing the Chicano...

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