Soto, Gary. Accidental love.

Author:Mitts-Smith, Debra
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

SOTO, Gary. Accidental love. Harcourt. 179p. c2006. 978-0-15-206113-5. $6.95. J

After an altercation with her best friend's boyfriend, Marisa picks up the wrong cell phone. When a boy phones her to straighten out the mistake, Marisa gets more than her phone back. The two arrange to meet, and Marisa is more intrigued than repulsed by the geeky young boy who comes to exchange phones. Similarly, the soft-spoken, studious Rene is not put off by Marisa's hard-edged impetuosity. As their relationship grows the two prove to be good influences on each other. Marisa begins to...

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