Some crusades never end.

Author:Threadgill, Susan
Position:Who's Who - Investigation of Henry G. Cisneros - Brief Article

Some crusades never end. More than two years after Bill Clinton left office, an independent counsel is still investigating his former housing secretary, Henry G. Cisneros. In 1992, you may recall, Cisneros told FBI investigators conducting his background check that he had given a former mistress, Linda Medlar, about $2,500 a month. Later, Medlar released phone tapes in which Cisneros said he may have given her as much as $250,000 over four years. When grandstanding FBI director Louis Freeh found out about it, he ordered an investigation to determine whether Cisneros lied to his agents. In 1995, a three-judge panel, including notorious Clinton-hater David Sentelle, appointed lobbyist-cum-lawyer David Barrett as independent counsel--an odd choice, given that during the 1980s, Barrett was accused by House investigators of using...

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