Solutions require innovations.

Author:Gadzinski, Mike
Position:Iscar Metals, new products - Brief Article

A few years ago, one of my colleagues at Iscar Metals, Andrew Benson, wrote an article for this magazine. In it he said something that I thought was profound. He said it was time to change the phrase "Change is good" to "Change is essential."

In today's global marketplace this couldn't be more true. In a short walk through the IMTS show you will see manufacturing and competition from around the world. Solutions to succeed in this market not only require change but require innovations.

At Iscar, innovation is driven by the need to meet the demands of a competitive market.

Now that we are well into the year 2000, Iscar has unveiled its new Millennium line of products and services:

HELI2000: A new version of the popular Helimill originally introduced by Iscar. The milling inserts have helical cutting edges for very free cutting action. A higher axial rake angle also improves metal removal rates. They are designed with an improved wiper flat that gives superior surface finishes. The new HELI2000 tools are made with a new pocket design that has superior strength and accuracy. The cutter bodies are laser-etched with all of the spare parts and wrenches required. To ensure that there are no inconveniences to our customers, all of the HELI2000 tools and inserts are interchangeable with the previous Helimill products. The inserts are available in the standard 10 mm and 15 mm cutting lengths.

Complementing the new designs is a new carbide grade, IC908, a submicron substrate coated with TiALN. This cutting tool can be used for machining cast iron, stainless steel, alloyed steel, and hardened material.

MILL2000: This is the milling system for the new millennium. Iscar has used its vast experience working with the helical design of milling inserts to produce another unique tool. Unlike traditional positive rake milling inserts and tools, the MILL2000 uses a dovetail pocket to match the sides of the insert. This gives a much more accurate and stronger tool. The increased clamping strength allows feed-rates up to double that of conventional screw clamped inserts. In most cases the feed is limited only by the machine power. To increase the range of Iscar's products the inserts are available in two new sizes. The MILL2000...

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