Wind, Sun, Soil, Spirit: Biblical. Ethics and Climate Change.

Author:Schade, Leah D.
Position:Book review

This book models what public theology looks like when a Christian social ethics scholar connects the seemingly disparate threads of climate change, economic theory, biblical studies, and environmental policy through substantive research and theological insight. With studious attentiveness to detail and a concerted effort to understand the complexities of ethics and public policy, Carol S. Robb provides a compelling example of what is needed for the church to truly engage with the secular world. The result is an admirable book that is simultaneously responsible to science, government policy, and theology.

Admittedly, there is a dense amount of technical and statistical material to wade through, particularly in Part One, which examines the moral aspects of climate change policies, particularly the Kyoto Protocols. Rather than being bogged down by this data, the reader should recognize that Robb is a Christian theologian approaching moral issues around policy debates with real substance and a vigorous comprehension of the subject matter. Robb sets the bar high for future theologians to be adept at reading, listening to, understanding, interpreting, and contributing to public policy. She provides sophisticated explanations of the moral and ethical ramifications of the climate change debate, followed by profound theological reflection on these issues. She avoids over-simplification in favor of naming and...

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