Social Security Administration



6401 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21235

Phone, 410-965-1234. Internet,

Commissioner of Social Security Jo Anne B. Barnhart

Deputy Commissioner James B. Lockhart III

Chief of Staff Larry W. Dye

Chief Information Officer D. Dean Mesterharm, Acting

Executive Officer Nancy A. McCullough

Director, Executive Operations Veronica Henderson, Acting

Director, Office of Strategic Susan E. Roecker


Press Officer James Courtney

Chief Actuary Stephen C. Goss

General Counsel Lisa de Soto

Principal Deputy General Counsel Charlotte J. Hardnett

Inspector General James G. Huse, Jr.

Deputy Inspector General Jane E. Vezeris

Deputy Commissioner for Communications Terry R. Abbott

Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Phillip A. Gambino


Deputy Commissioner for Disability and Income Martin H. Gerry

Security Programs

Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Frederick G. Disability and Income Streckewald

Security Programs

Deputy Commissioner for Finance, Assessment, and Dale W. Sopper, Acting


Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Dale W. Sopper

Finance, Assessment, and

Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources Paul D. Barnes

Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Felicita Sola-Carter

Human Resources

Deputy Commissioner for Legislation and Diane B. Garro,Acting

Congressional Affairs

Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Diane B. Garro

Legislation and Congressional Affairs

Deputy Commissioner for Operations Linda S. McMahon

Assistant Deputy Commissioner for James A. Kissko


Deputy Commissioner for Policy Paul N. Van de Water, Acting

Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Paul N. Van de Water


Deputy Commissioner for Systems William E. Gray

Assistant Deputy Commissioner for G. Kelly Croft



The Social Security Administration manages the Nation's social insurance program, consisting of retirement, survivors, and disability insurance programs, commonly known as Social Security. It also administers the Supplemental Security Income program for the aged, blind,and disabled. The Administration is responsible for studying the problems of poverty and economic insecurity among Americans and making recommendations on effective methods for solving these problems through social insurance. The Administration also assigns Social Security numbers to U.S. citizens and maintains earnings records for workers under their Social Security...

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