Social Media is Changing Local Advertising.

Author:Weaver, Michael

It's interesting to see what's happening with hometown weekly newspapers. ("Editorial: Reality Check," August 2019) They are dying as there are less locally based businesses to advertise and younger people don't pick up newspapers. They use a phone. Social media is not news but many people live and breathe Facebook. To the non tech savvy, it is the internet and their news source. Facebook actually makes you say yes to leaving their platform if you have links to stories on your Facebook page that supports your print or online product. New Orleans is an aberration. It's not the example of the thousands of square miles of the U.S. that has a weekly paper that has almost no staff and a product full of news releases. Most don't have staff to do any important news and the local sports stories that parents want to see involving their kids are generally a week behind the event. The self appointed "sports booster" Facebook fan has a page with really bad images and not much "news"...

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