Social Entrepreneurship is one of the Way Forward to Youth Empowerment in Pakistan.


Byline: Aliya Khalid and Amir Zada Asad

Social Entrepreneurship is deemed to be the most rapidly advancing field in the context of social development, yet still manages to remain an issue without much level of comprehension attached to it in the region of Pakistan. Out of all the resources that exist in Pakistan, Youth is probably the most underrated and ignored of them all. The majority of our nation's population is comprised of these young people. However, it is an unfortunate occurrence that the youth of Pakistan are not engaged in society in a manner that can be viewed as active for the development of community. The present research has assessed the influence that youth development programs have imparted on Social Entrepreneurial intentions of Youth that have been pragmatically applied through Technical and Vocational Institutions situated within the area of Punjab. Mix methodologies have been used for conducting theresearch. The region where the study was conducted is the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

Qualitative data through interviews have been obtained from six respondents that hailed from the agencies or organizations that dealt with implementation of social entrepreneurial programs relative to youth across Punjab. These respondents' organizations were a mixture of public and private sector. Quantitative and qualitative data have been analyzed and presented. The data supported the idea That social entrepreneurship through TEVTA has a profound positive effects on the social, economic, and psychological well-being of the youth under gone the training .it impacted youth on many folds i.e. it has imparted business mind set while fostering entrepreneurial skills at the same time this experience has raise their socio economic status .potentials capabilities and skills learnt by youth SE ventures , resultantly ,lead them to be empowered and become a change maker not in their own lives but they can play very effective and active role in nation building.

Pakistan is a developing country with problems like with mounting challenges call for a sustainable solution in which youth constituting about 35% of population can be of utmost importance. Its undeniable and prominent contribution can strengthen the country, steer it towards prosperity and raise it to be at par with international standards. However, unfortunately the situation isn't so bright in Pakistan. Despite 50% of Pakistan's population being Young people with ages between 16-30 years. there has been little to no viable endeavor initiated for utilizing this huge potential. As a result, Pakistan lags far behind in the race for prominence within this global arena of nations.

The most pressing reason for this predicament is the fact that Pakistan's youth is gradually losing their national pride and exhibit no interest in extending their efforts for the prosperity and development of their country. This can be owed to the fact that a vast majority of Pakistan's youth is distraught with the country of their birth and wish to escape to foreign, more developed regions. As a result, most of their energies are focused towards securing their position in a country abroad. (Iqbal, 2017)

Pakistan is in dire need to strengthen and reinforce its economy to counter problems socio economic problems like low standard of living, unemployment, advent of new diseases, illiteracy, environmental deterioration. However the most preeminent problem is unemployment that takes precedence over other challenges. According to Labor Force Survey of Pakistan (2010-11), official rate of unemployment is 6% within the country. According to the 2017 Census conducted by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the population of Pakistan is around 210 to 220 million (19 Crore) and Youth constitute a prominent and major portion of this population and the fact that about 71.8 percent of the latter is comprised of Youth is testament to this statement.. However, these official statistics don't evince the camouflaged underemployment and gross unpaid employment within the country.

According to ILO, there is a severe need for increasing opportunities relevant to Employment for these youth so as to absorb the 2 million new labor market applicants that are being produced annually.

Pakistan is wholly committed to the MDGs, towards that end, much effort has been initiated in the country concerned for producing a strong, multifaceted and competitive economy. This is being achieved through the development of MSMEs or Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises so as to better deal with the trials of the global as well as regional economy.(Olomi and Sinyamule, 2009).

According to Kurato (2005), Entrepreneurship is a factor that has been touted to be the most effectual and boosting agent for the economy and relative development of countries over the course of many years. In fact, it has been argued by Pitt away and Cop in 2008 that the inexorable nature of entrepreneurship in accentuating a country's economy growth has led to creation of policies that uphold and promote Entrepreneurship through approaches like...

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