SOCi Helps Brands Protect Their Reputation and Scale Social Media Efforts at the Local Level.

Author:Chappell, Jacob

Social media has gone local. The shift from corporate-level messaging to location-specific content has exploded in recent years: No longer does an overarching corporate message from a brand resonate with audiences across all locations. This behavioral shift has made local franchise pages the hub of engagement. With local social media engagement on the rise YOY, especially considering that there are 65+ million business pages on Facebook alone, brands must take note of how fans perceive and are being communicated with at the local level.

Brand Protection at the Local Level

Did you know 78 percent of consumer purchase decisions are influenced by social media' and the content their peers and brands share? When you think about the fact that over 2 billion users (2) are logging on to Facebook alone every month, the chances for brand engagement at the local level is higher than it has ever been before. But with increased levels of engagement, the likelihood that consumers will expect relevant and localized content as well as timely and personalized responses also increases. And if your brand isn't equipped to post relevant content, respond to conversations and reviews in real time, as well as turn fans into advocates into loyalists, your brand reputation is in serious jeopardy.

Facebook is now the second largest review site, behind only Google, but surpassing Yelp and Amazon. Brands must adopt a strategy to handle the massive number of reviews, comments, and conversations happening within this social network. Businesses can efficiently and effectively do this by leveraging technology like SOCi, which allows franchises to actively monitor, manage, and respond to any and all conversations, mentions, and reviews about their business, across 100s and 1000s of locations, from one convenient dashboard.

The Importance of Brand Reputation

You've most likely spent countless hours and even dollars creating a positive association for your brand. Despite that, you may now have hundreds or thousands of individual franchisees putting their "spin" on the brand, potentially damaging it for you across all locations. As you know, this is a huge risk that could be costing you money, as well as the ability to attract and retain customers or franchisees.

Easy-to-use technology solutions such as SOCi exist to help multi-location brands efficiently deploy positive brand messaging across all location-level pages and empower franchisees with local libraries of content...

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