Author:Griffin, Elle

I feel like I ask myself the question "why can't we all just get along," every single day. It's become a rather unfortunate mantra of mine, perhaps driven by the current news cycle, and a seemingly endless barrage of negativity.

Though I manage the former rather astutely--I discard the front page of The New York Times with great regularity--I struggle to avoid the negativity. Not having social media accounts helps, but hatred is rapt. An irksome shadow lurking beneath anything the light shines on.

We see it in our politics, in our culture, in comments on social media accounts. And unfortunately, we're starting to see it in the workplace too. In #metoo and the backlash to #metoo. In workplace discrimination, and the backlash to workplace discrimination.

We can't fight hate with hate. That hasn't been very productive for us so far and it hasn't left me feeling very warmly about the world. So I'd like to propose an alternative: returning our focus to what's good, and on trying to make it even better.

This issue does that. In talking about some of our darker realities...

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