So Nice To Meet You ...

Author:Griffin, Elle
Position:From the Editor

Three years ago, my husband and I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Salt Lake City, Utah. He wanted the mountains, and 1 wanted the city, so together we found a place we would both love to live. There was just one downside: There weren't quite as many roles available for the established writer and editor. Until now.

Last month, I joined Utah Business magazine as Editor-In-Chief. Having worked with Inc., Forbes, and The Muse magazines in the past, as well as several prominent tech companies in Silicon Valley (and beyond), I am over the moon to have the opportunity to report on the same industry insights within the realm of my own community.

Utah, as it turns out, has a lot going on business-wise. So much so that we are garnering the attention of a national audience. Companies from New York to California want to be part of (and invest in) what we are creating here--and that is a huge opportunity for us! What we say and do here, has the opportunity to set the stage for what companies will say and do across the country. And Utah Business Magazine is poised to publish all of it.

With the strong foundation laid before...

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