AuthorWinship, Michele
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

FISHER, Catherine. Snow, Walker. HarperCollins, Greenwillow. 503p. c2003. 0-06-072474-9. $17.99. JS

Fisher's newest novel weaves a story from both Celtic and Norse mythology in a feudal world terrorized by Gundrun, a Snow-Walker from the edge of the world. Gundrun comes back to the Jarlshold with Ragnar, the lone survivor of a war band sent to defeat the Snow-Walkers terrorizing the north lands. When through treachery Ragnar becomes the new Jarl, she reigns with an icy hand, using her sorcery to control the people of the Jarlshold through fear, even sending her only son Kari into exile in the north. Jessa and her cousin Thorkil are the youngest in the line of Wulfings, the family that has always produced the Lord Jarl. Because they are a threat to Ragnar's leadership, she sends them in exile to Thrasirshall where the mysterious Kari is imprisoned. Banding together, they return to Jarlshold where Kari challenges his mother's rule. She disappears, leaving the hold with a curse...

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