A snapshot of the Asian community in 1930s San Diego.

Author:Lee, Murray K.
Position:6C Paper - Brief article

"In 1930 the Asian community remained in eight blocks of the downtown area of San Diego. While some of the Chinese (240) and Japanese (119) in the district were raising families, Filipinos (10), who were the most recent arrivals, were all bachelors. Data from the U.S. Census of 1930 was used to look at all 568 people living in these eight blocks. Because of housing restrictions, almost all of the Asians living in the city were in this district. The census allows one to virtually enter the homes of all the people in the area and identify the families and the occupants. It listed by name the head of each household, the wife, the children, and other family members or lodgers. Included were age, sex, marital status, birthplace of residents and parents, language spoken, date of entry, and citizenship status. Other important data included were education, occupation, employment, and veteran status.

A map of each block in the district was created to show the...

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