Smith, Kathryn. Anna and the Duke.

Author:Ginsberg, Sherri Forgash
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

(An Avon True Romance). HarperCollins, Avon. 298p. c2002. 0-06-447338-4. $4.99. JS

Anna is about to marry the perfect man, as seen by her mother, not by herself. Anna comes from wealth, but her family does not have a title or a genuine position in English society. Richard is about to assume the title of Duke, with inherited wealth and all the trappings that are so important to Anna's mother. Anna is confused about her lack of interest in the upcoming marriage. She wanders into a bookstore and meets a man who stirs her passion, Ewan MacLaughlin. He turns out to be Richard's long-lost...

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