Smith, Jennifer E.: The comeback season.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Young adult review - Book review

SMITH, Jennifer E. The comeback season. Simon & Schuster. 246p. c2008. 978-1-4169-3847-7. $15.99. JSA

This is a story that touches difficult subjects the way we gingerly touch a sensitive tooth; and the difficult subjects are the biggest ones: death, grief, illness, loneliness, loss. Smith uses an analogy of loss and hope we can all understand--the Chicago Cubs. Ryan is 15 years old, still grieving for her father who died five years before. He was a good father who enjoyed his family, and he had a special relationship with Ryan as they shared their love for the Cubs. So, for Ryan, following the Cubs is a way to keep her father near her.

Smith tells this story in the third person and in the present tense. Perhaps it is because of the lesson that eternity is in the present moment. Ryan is a lost, lonely 15 year old until she cuts school on opening day of the Cubs season and meets Nick, a new boy at school, who is also cutting. As their extraordinary friendship evolves over the summer, we learn more about Nick. We find out that Nick and his family moved to Chicago to be near the best oncology doctors because he is fighting bone cancer. Ryan's...

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