Smith, Jeff. Bone: The Great Cow Race.

Author:Galuschak, George
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

SMITH, Jeff. Bone: the great cow race. (Bone, Vol. 2.) Scholastic, Graphix. 144p. illus. 0-4397-0639-4. c2005. $9.99. JSA *

In this entry in the Bone chronicles, the Bone cousins (Fone Bone, Smiley Bone & Phoney Bone) are reunited in the town of Barrelhaven, where Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone have been pressed into service at the local tavern to pay off their bar tabs. Trouble starts when Phoney Bone decides to make his fortune by fixing Barrelhaven's annual cow race. His scheme revolves around the aptly named Mystery Cow, who is none other than Smiley Bone in a handsome handmade cow suit. The race itself is a riot (literally), and when it's all over Phoney succeeds in getting himself and his cousins run out of town (again).

Bone: The Great Cow Race is a re-issue (in...

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