Smith Fisher, Jane. WJHC: Hold Tight!(Brief Article) (Children's Review) (Book Review)

Author:Galuschak, George

SMITH FISHER, Jane. WJHC: hold tight! Wilson Place Comics. 96p. illus, c2005.0-974-42351-3. $11.95 J

This chronicles the adventures of a group of six teens (three boys, three girls) who start up a high school radio station. The leader of this motley band is Janey Wells, a redhead who has to use her wits at least once per episode to bail everyone out of the latest caper they've somehow gotten into. There are four capers in this graphic novel: our heroes crash a fashion show, compete on reality television, attend a rock concert and rescue WJHC from the clutches of the clueless Mr. Stanger.

WJHC: Hold Tight reminds me of Archie comics, with a dash of Scooby Doo thrown into the mix. The stories are lighthearted...

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