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An Online Mall--With Ample Parking

This site offers users consultant contact information and, in some cases, links to their Web sites. Areas of expertise that can be searched include business, human resources, management and financial services, marketing, sales and technical services. This virtual mall also contains a bulletin board for posting requests for consulting services and job opportunities.

Consult the California Professionals

The Association of Professional Consultants has contact information on its member consultants and links to their home pages. The members, who are all based in Orange County, California, provide consulting and public speaking services in specialized fields.

Resources for Consultants

Management consultants can find the resources here to better serve their clients. The latest issue of Consulting Magazine is posted, as well as articles from earlier months. The site also has newsletters, recommended reading and links to other consulting resources.

References Available Upon Request

Personal referrals traditionally have been the way to find qualified personnel as well as consultants. Free registration allows users to access the site's database of past referrals and post their own. Users can also list job opportunities and review applicant information, using the site's tracking mechanism and rating system.

Consultants Tackle E-Commerce

A section on the Andersen Consulting site discusses various aspects of e-commerce, including a detailed explanation of what it is--in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section --and strategies for meeting the trend head-on. A recent opinion column, "Surviving Success," had advice for growing dot-com companies.


An Education in E-Commerce

The online magazine E-Commerce Times keeps readers well informed about the latest developments in this area, both in the United States and abroad. The e-zine features special reports, an online stock index, letters to the editor and even cartoons. Users can register for a free newsletter, and Web masters and site developers can register for a free news feed.

Search Engines 101

A discussion of how to search the Web is included in this site aimed at giving would-be Web masters a tutorial in building, launching and promoting their own sites. Discussion topics include search...

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