A Slice of Cake on Every Plate: The Complete Positive & Supportive Program.

Position:Book review

Brendan Stack; A SLICE OF CAKE ON EVERY PLATE: THE COMPLETE POSITIVE & SUPPORTIVE PROGRAM; Booksurge Publishing (Business and Finance) $28.00 ISBN: 9781439251461

Bookstore shelves are stuffed with management motivation books urging executives to emulate happy Seattle fishmongers or to ponder analogies about missing cheese wedges. In crafting a system that relies on positivity and support Brendan Stack goes beyond that type of standard advice which often centers on driving employees to higher sales numbers and instead offers an extensive strategy that can transform an organization at every level.

To develop the Positive & Supportive Program business consultant Stack drew on his extensive experience in leading start-up companies assisting troubled enterprises and contributing volunteer time--including stints as a firefighter hospice worker and Red Cross trainer.

He posits that if organizations can scrub the deeply entrenched negative communication styles from employee interactions every subsequent exchange can be beneficial whether its between employees between sales staff and customers or among top executives. Rather than focusing on just a few key employees or departments a company can provide a slice of cake on every plate meaning that each person will get the same positive benefits from a supportive environment.

Instead of squandering energy on internal cliques gossip and complaints employees can get beyond the griping and find true satisfaction in their jobs which in turn can be hugely advantageous to the company. Happy employees fuel successful companies after all so eliminating negativity from the workplace is crucial for achieving better productivity...

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