Slade, Arthur. Tribes.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Random House, Wendy Lamb. 160p. c2002. 0-385-73003-9. $15.95. JS

The loss of his anthropologist father three years ago devastated 17-year-old Percy, who is about to graduate from high school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He now tries to look at the world through his father's eyes, keeping a field journal and observing everything as an anthropologist would. He describes the tribes of high school, for example: "The Logo Tribe exhibits name brands ... The Digerati Tribe worships bytes and silicon chips. The Lipstick/Hairspray Tribe performs elaborate appearance alterations to attract mates ..." Percy and his friend Elissa make up the Observers, though the Jock Tribe doesn't appreciate Percy's observations and frequently thumps him. Percy is beginning to lose it, however, daydreaming too frequently and feeling as if the world is "unreal," oblivious to Elissa's desire to be more...

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