Skyler, Heather. The perfect age.

Author:Zachary, Nancy
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

SKYLER, Heather. The perfect age. Norton. 394p. c2004. 0-393-32688-8. $13.95. SA

Perhaps it's the Las Vegas setting, or the sultry days spent around the Dunes Hotel pool over a period of three summers, but the plot of The Perfect Age seems to meander rather than face the issues of first love and adultery with a specific message. We get to know the comings and going of the entire Larkin family: Helen, her little sister Jenny, dad Professor Larkin, and mom Kathy. Helen's coming-of-age as a lifeguard is the catalyst for the story, while Kathy's affair with the senior guard makes the reader sit up and wonder about this whole group. There is emotional growth and development as Helen and boyfriend Leo experience first sex but the intergenerational message is muddled as Professor...

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