Six ways to attract the talent you want: tips and strategies for attracting candidates who are passionate, dedicated and a great fit for both the position and your company.

Author:Del Re, Staci


"Good help is hard to find" is one of the most commonly used phrases in the professional world. Finding reliable, talented workers has been a long-term issue for recruiters and business leaders alike. More often than not, the challenges companies face during recruiting stems from the quality of candidates. Anyone can post and advertise open job descriptions, but ensuring the most highly qualified candidates apply for these positions requires much more finesse and expertise.

There are certain steps recruitment professionals can take to ensure they are meeting their company's staffing needs and finding the best people possible. Keeping these tips top of mind during the recruitment process can help ensure you find a candidate who not only has the appropriate skills and expertise for your open position, but who is also a good cultural fit overall for your company.


What you find valuable about your company may be very different than what a prospective employee or associate may find valuable. Shake up your thinking around the reasons why joining your business would be beneficial to a potential team member. Adapt a different mindset, one that is more in line with that of your ideal recruit, so that you can showcase the elements of your company that will be most attractive to candidates on an individual and personal level. Be sure to highlight what makes your product or service unique, as the factors that set you apart from the competition are often the factors that excite and encourage talented workers to join your brand.


Evaluating your team's productivity and the current use of physical space in the office is a great place to start when determining what resources, and therefore what area of professional expertise your company actually needs. Take a step back, and think about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your company within your local market. You may think you already have a good handle on what these are, but actually putting pen to paper may uncover some new areas you haven't thought of. Being familiar with the positive influences and educated about potential negative influences will help you more effectively sort through resumes, and eventually, field questions from potential recruits.


This is another strategy most business leaders inaccurately think they already have a strong hold on. Challenge yourself right now....

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