Simultaneous machining with turn-milling centers.

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With three 14-position tool turrets and identical main and counter-spindles, INDEX C100s are designed for fast, cost-competitive production of medium complexity parts turned from bar stock. The C100 offers users a highly productive means of machining stock in the 30mm to 42mm range with more tools (42 quick-change tools, fixed and driven), higher horsepower, and greater torque but with the rpm typical of Swiss-style machines.

The C100 with 30mm bar capacity comes with 9,000rpm spindles and 42mm bar capacity is available with 7,000rpm spindles. Both versions can run parts to 200mm in length. The C 100 drives are powerful: 20/29kW and 25/29kW (100 percent/40 percent) for the 30mm and 42mm version, respectively. Motorized main- and counter-spindles are identical and liquid-cooled.

Up to three tools can be at work simultaneously with both Y-axes and back-working at the same time. And the counter-spindle with linear-motor driven Z-axis can be synchronized with travel of turret three. Counter-spindle pick-up from the spindle is...

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