Simulation and Training Industry: Acquisitions, Mergers and Name Changes.


Simulation and Training Industry: Acquisitions, Mergers and Name Changes COMPANY NAME CHANGES (without acquisition or merger, company structure and ownership remaining mainly as before, except for the change of name) New Name Old Name BELGIUM Optronic Instruments and Products Delft Sensor Systems (DSS) (OIP) Transurb Technirail SA Technirail SA CANADA eNGINUITY Technologies Virtual Prototypes Inc Tek Gear, Inc Liquid Image Corporation GERMANY Comet Pyrotechnik Apparatenbau Piepenbrock Pyrotechnik (Gollheim (subsidiary facility) of Comet) Fairchild Dornier GmbH, International Logistics (Bremen International and Logistics Dornier Wessling), subsidiary of Fairchild Dornier Stock Flight Systems Michael Stock Microcomputersysteme ISRAEL e-SIM Limited Emultek Limited LIECHTENSTEIN Ride Trade Corporation Est Imtamin AG NETHERLANDS FCS Control Systems Fokker Control Systems Rexroth Hydraudyne BV Hydraudyne Systems and Engineering (subsidiary of Rexroth) Thales Nederland BV Hollandse Signaalapparaten (Signaal) POLAND Zaklady Produkcji Specjalnej (ZPS) Sp z.o.o, ZTS Pronit SA RUSSIA Rosoboronexport Merger between Rosvoorouzhenie and Promexport SWEDEN Aerotech Telub AB CelsiusTech Systems AB, previously SaabTech Systems AB until 2000 Cell Interactive Training & Mandator ITS Simulation (Cell ITS) SWITZERLAND Skyguide Swiss Air Navigation Swisscontrol Swiss Air Navigation Services Services UK Alenia Marconi Systems, Integrated Alenia Marconi Simulation and Systems Division (AMS/ISD), Dunfermline Training (AMS&T) Facility Division (AMS/ISD), Dunfermline Facility CAE (UK) plc CAE Electronics plc QinetiQ Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), element in public/ private partnership (rest is still owned entirely in the UK government) Spirent Communications (SW) Global Simulation Systems Ltd RP Technologies plc Raceprep Limited Thales Air Defence Shorts Missile Systems USA BTIO Educational Products, Inc Baby Think It Over, Inc, Inc. Asymetrix DigiLens, Inc. Retinal Displays, Inc. EIS-BARCO Electronic Imaging Systems (EIS), subsidiary of BARCO Elumens Corporation Alternate Realities Corporation (ARC) Ericsson Amplifier Technologies, Microsvave Power Devices, Inc Inc. Immersion Corporation, Medical HT Medical Systems Inc Division, Inc. General Reality Company KQ Corporation Systems Engineering Division of Jason Associates Corporation (JAC) Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Lockheed Martin Vought Systems Control, Dallas...

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