Simpsonville startup gains $10M in seed funding.

An $10 million funding round will help a Simpsonville biotech company advance the development of a therapy that it says can make damaged tissue supple again.

Elastrin Therapeutics, a spin-off company based on 20 years of research at Clemson University, restores hardened or damaged arteries and tissues by targeting the elastic fiber in the tissue and removing the calcification that causes stiffening. The therapy can be used to treat calcified heart valves, diabetes and COPD, according to a news release.

"Our development will save lives and that is most gratifying," Naren Vyavahare, co-founder of Elastrin, said in the news release. "Our trusted partners, which include SCRA and SC Launch Inc., are helping us advance our work at a faster pace. This mean helping more patients, sooner, who are suffering from cardiovascular disease."

Elastrin recently closed a $10 million funding round led by early-stage investor Kizoo Technology Capital, which included $300,000 from the S.C. Research Authority's SC Launch investment. Other investors included Starbloom. Kizoo provides seed investment and follow-on financing to startups with a focus on rejuvenation biotech, including Cellvie, Underdog and Revel Pharmaceutical.

"Were excited to lead the round for Elastrin," Frank Schueler, managing director of Kizoo Technology Capital, said in the release. "We have been impressed by what the small team accomplished in a short period of time, and we look forward to seeing the company grow and help millions of people. Their technology is truly groundbreaking by not only delaying age-related disease but also reversing them."

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