Simply Wrong.

PositionLETTERS - Letter to the editor

Thanks to Bill Lueders for his Comment, "The Case for Nonviolence" (August/September issue). I was deeply bothered by the displays of destructive aggression around Madison's Capitol Square this summer. They struck me as counterproductive and mindless. But such practical objections could not explain the gut-level repulsion I felt.

I realize now that, like Lueders, my primary objection to the aggression was that it was simply wrong. Most of the little shops around the Square and down State Street are owned by community-minded allies of Black Lives Matter, not by oppressors. Yet these businesses were trashed, looted, and even, allegedly, extorted.

This summer in Madison, the rioters were the oppressors. We should be repulsed by oppression in any form, even under the guise of righteous protest.


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