Simple Collaboration Tools for Productivity

AuthorDennis Kennedy - Tom Mighell
Simple Collaboration
Tools for Productivity
We’ve taken a look at online document creation tools, arguably
one of the most essential and straightforward collaboration
activities for lawyers and their clients. If your journey into
the world of collaboration tools needs to be more about small
steps and quick wins, we have some good news for you. There
are a number of really simple tools that not only help you work
better with others, they also help you be more productive. In
this chapter, we’re going to discuss two such collaboration
tools: meeting schedulers and task management tools.
Meeting Scheduling
We believe, to a near certainty, that the single most frustrating
activity ever devised for lawyers (or for anyone working in
an office) is scheduling a meeting with more than one other
person. You’ve done it before: you send out an email to five or
six people with some proposed times for a call or a meeting,
and four or five respond with completely different availability.
You might send out a few (or many) more emails with some
additional times. Just when you think you have a good time
to meet, the last person responds saying “sorry, I can’t make
any of those times—can we try this again?” And so on, and so
on . . .
One of the reasons this process is disjointed is that it
happens in asynchronous fashion. Everyone is answering at a
different time. Everyone is also looking at individual calendars.
Reaching a good outcome becomes difficult.

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