Simon Says Pay Attention.

Position:Simon Says Pay Attention: Help For Children With ADHD - Brief article - Book review

Simon Says Pay Attention

Daniel Yeager & Marcie Yeager

Golden Path Games

217 West Brentwood Boulevard, Lafayette, LA 70506

9780615315829, $39.00,

Drawing upon years of experience and expertise as Licensed Clinical Social Workers and a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisors, the Yeagers have created "Simon Says Pay Attention: Help For Children With ADHD", a 159-page, spiral bound compendium of information, instruction, home exercises, worksheets, and adaptations of stories, games and exercises that will strengthen and improve the skills of an ADHD child with respect to working memory, impulse control, goal orientations, and their ability to shift focus. "Simon Says Pay Attention" provides a 4-step plan...

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