Signs the big dog is primed for the picking.

Author:Porter, Michael
Position:Influence of Competitive advantage on management of small business - Brief article

Is your biggest competitor ready for a fall? Vulnerable to attack? Michael Porter lists the following signs that a business might be vulnerable. Do you see any of these in your big competitor? If so, the timing might be right for you to devise a novel plan and go after their customers.

Stuck in the Middle. Your competitor is trying to be all things to all people and is not fully satisfying anyone.

Unhappy Buyers. Unhappy buyers suggest that the leader is exercising its bargaining power or that the leader's personnel have developed an attitude of arrogance because of past success. Unhappy buyers may actively encourage and support a challenger.

Pioneer of Current Industry Technology. A leader who pioneered the current generation of industry technology may be reluctant to embrace the next one and may also be inflexible because of its investment in the current technology.

Very High Profitability. A leader making extraordinary profits may provide an...

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