The significance of school libraries in the educational development of students: the case of Novena University Staff School, Kwale, Delta State, Nigeria.

Author:Udoh-Ilomechine, Queenette


Children and their teachers need library resources and the expertise of a librarian to succeed. School libraries help teachers teach children (Keith 2004). A school library is an academic library that supports school programs as well as the teaching and learning process. School libraries serve students by providing materials to meet their various needs and encouraging reading and the use of libraries (Clark 1999). Martin (2000) notes that "research shows that the reading scores for students in schools that focus on improving their library programs are, on average of eight to twenty one percent, higher than similar schools with no such development." Adomi (2006) stresses the importance of adequate collections.

School libraries help children to discover for themselves by independent study and learning how to ask questions. This study assesses the educational development of students and library use by students and the problems encountered. The population for the study is students from the Novena University staff school. Novena University is a private university in Novena University Ogume, Delta State, Nigeria, which was opened in 2005. Secondary students in the university's staff school were surveyed to find their experience with and views on library service.


A questionnaire was used to gather data for this study. Questionnaires were administered to 200 students of Novena University staff school, with 198 returned.

Findings and Discussion

Responses were fairly evenly divided by gender, with males having a slight majority.

The largest number of respondents were aged between 15 and 16.

A majority of respondents were from Senior Secondary 2 at 126 (63%). This could be the result of availability of students at the time of the study.

The vast majority of students (81%) say that they use the library.

Less than one quarter of respondents use the library frequently, with nearly three quarters using it occasionally.

A clear majority feel that using the school library helps students be academically better.

More than 80 percent of respondents find the library's resources inadequate.

Response to this question is mixed, with nearly one-third undecided, and a quarter thinking it "false."

Most respondents feel that the library does not provide materials that augment teaching.

Nearly 80 percent of respondents find that the library does not satisfy their educational needs.

Nearly all respondents are not provided audiovisual materials by the library.

A similar...

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