SIC 7622 Radio and Television Repair Shops


SIC 7622

This classification covers establishments primarily engaged in repairing radios, televisions, phonographs, stereo equipment, and tape recorders. Also included are establishments engaged in installing and repairing television, amateur, and citizens' band antennas, or in installing and servicing radio transmitting and receiving equipment in homes, offices, boats, automobiles, or other vehicles. Establishments primarily engaged in installation, repair, or maintenance of radio and television broadcast transmitting antennas and towers are classified elsewhere.



Consumer Electronics Repair and Maintenance


Communication Equipment Repair and Maintenance


Radio, Television and Other Electronic Stores


Television and radio repair in the United States is performed by many service centers operated by the manufacturers of electronic equipment or by appliance, department, electronics, or specialty stores. Only about 25 percent of the firms participating in the industry are independent repair shops; for government classification purposes, only the independents are considered part of this industry.

The radio repair segment of the industry has diminished significantly as technology has changed. However, when the industry emerged in the 1930s, radios were the only consumer electronic equipment requiring servicing. All that changed as broadcasting came into its own and households acquired television receivers. Depending on their area of specialization, establishments classified under the radio and television repair shops category install and service household and citizens' band (CB) antennas; they also repair aircraft radio equipment, automotive radios, intercommunications equipment, stereos, hi-fi equipment, tape recorders, phonographs, compact disc players, digital video disc players, public address systems, stereophonic equipment, electronic organs, home security systems, microwave ovens, slide and motion picture projectors, and video recorders or players.

In 1998, there were an estimated 4,678 establishments in this industry. About half of the establishments were corporate entities and half sole proprietors/partnerships. The establishments were concentrated in the Northeast, Southeast, and Great Lakes regions of the United States. The top seven companies by sales in 1998 were: ABC...

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