SIC 4141 Local Bus Charter Service


SIC 4141

This category includes establishments primarily engaged in furnishing local bus charter service where such operations are located principally within a single municipality, contiguous municipalities, or a municipality and its suburban areas.



Charter Bus Industry

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1,265 establishments operated in this category for part or all of 2004. Industry-wide employment totaled approximately 29,871 workers receiving a payroll of nearly $659 million. Companies in this industry tended to be smaller in size, with about 89 percent employing less than 100 workers. The 2005 industry leader was Coach USA Inc. of Houston, Texas, with nearly $996 million in operating revenue and 12,450 employees. MV Transportation Inc. of Fairfield, California, was second with $307 million in revenue and 9,000 employees. Overland Park, Kansas-based Laidlaw Transit Services Inc. was third with $212 million in 2005 revenue and 9,000 employees. Super Shuttle International Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona, placed fourth with $75 million in 2005 revenue and 1,600 employees and specialized in shared-ride door-to-door transportation.

The local bus charter service industry, whose primary business is in local sightseeing tours and airport shuttle service, grew rapidly after 1982. The number of employees increased from 3,781 in 1982 to 8,782 in 1997, and the number of establishments in the industry grew from 163 to 503 during those years. The average salary for all employees in 1997 was $16,094. By 2001, there were 1,395 establishments, with 33,406 employees and a payroll of $660 million. The number of establishments decreased by 2004 to 1,265, and the number of workers decreased 11 percent, although annual payroll was stable. The mean annual salary for charter bus industry employees in May 2005 was $26,540 with the mean hourly wage at $12.76. Meanwhile, the 18,940 employees who were only bus drivers in the industry received an hourly mean wage of $11.75 with a $24,440 annual mean wage.

According to the Motorcoach Census 2005, which is a report commissioned by the American Bus Association (ABA) to study both American and Canadian charter bus services, about 47 percent of motorcoach mileage was for charter service, 27.4 percent for scheduled service, and 2.1 percent for both sightseeing tours and airport service.

Affiliates of the Denver-based Gray Line Worldwide (a subsidiary of Coach...

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