A Shower of Roses.

Author:Fisher, Chris
Position:Book review

Tom Milton (author); A SHOWER OF ROSES; Nepperhan (Fiction: General) $12.95 ISBN: 9780982990414

Byline: Chris Fisher

"Do we have a purpose?" "Are we capable of unconditional love?" "What is God's role in our lives?" These are the types of questions Tom Milton explores in his fifth novel A Shower of Roses. But perhaps Milton's most pressing question is, "Can womankind save mankind (because he's surely not going to save himself)?"

Set primarily in London in 1981, the story follows the life of Eva Ostrowski. Eva is the daughter of Polish parents who escaped the onslaught of the Germans and the Russians during World War II. She is married to a man named Marek whose name can be loosely translated as "a severe brand of Pole." Marek, like Eva's parents, is also a transplanted Pole who now works for the CIA. He often travels back and forth to Poland (disguised as a banker) in an effort to aid the Solidarity movement's attempt to overthrow Poland's communist government.

To fully develop Eva's character, Milton intersperses the storyline with insightful passages about Eva's past. Eva was raised in a tightly-knit Polish community in St. Paul, Minnesota. Catholicism and polka music were the two most important ingredients in the glue that held this community together. During her fifth-grade year, Eva's favorite nun gave her a book called The Story of a Soul by St. ThA[c]rA[umlaut]se of Lisieux. Through this book, Eva came to understand that in a world dominated and controlled by men, her greatest contribution would be myriad small acts of...

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